The Seedsters

… In my pants.

Holy FUCK. Those chicks, in that movie, are smoking hot. Apart from the fat-ish one and the religous one.


God damn. The bit at the start where she’s using a chainsaw, wearing hot pants? Fuck.

Practically gave me a boner.

Watch it. Now.


{08/06/2010}   The Tap-O-Meter


What’s up bitches?

As you know from the last post the Dr and myself a back in town

Now although this one might be familiar to some of this blog’s more attentive followers I cannot exaggerate its importance

So this is it

The Tap-O-Meter is a scale on which the looks and attractiveness of a girl are measured

It ranges from Bushpig (lowest) through to Babe (highest)












Please Enjoy

Yours Facetiously

The Hosepipe

{08/06/2010}   We’re Baaaaack…

We are back, and seedier than ever.

Dr Superficial here. To kick our restart off, I propose to you the concept of wiggle and jiggle.

This is ass terms, boys. When you’re walking around, looking at chick’s butts, you may notice a movement from side to side. This is called wiggle.

I find wiggle extremely attractive, a tick in a box towards an excellent ass.

However, with every Ying, there must be a Yang. Jiggle. The movement of the buttocks up and down.

Disgusting. Unless you like fatties.

In which case,

You’re disgusting.

It’s good to be back. 😉

{01/04/2010}   Role Models

Greetings fellow seeds

People new to the Seedster faith often find themselves in need of mentors to help them to get started touching, feeling and yelling sexist comments at females.

So I have put togethor a list of perfect candidates to fill this position.

Just remember when I refer to movie and sitcom characters I mean the character not the actor

Dr. Superficial

Barney (How I met your mother)

The Todd (Scrubs (Excellent role model) )

Ben Elton (Comedian and writer)

Charlie Sheen

Hoping That list will be of assistance to you,

The Hosepipe 

{12/19/2009}   The Cutesiepie Factor

Hello there

Ever glanced sideways in a shopping centre and seen that person that you just can’t get out head?

I know that I have.

But normally thats only when I’m standing near a mirror.

I joke, I joke.

What I’m talking about here are girls with that certain… “Cutesiepie Factor”.

Not nessecarily girls with great bodies. Just girls whose faces are, well, cute. In some ways I personally find girls with cute faces, and other aspects contributing to the cutesiepie factor, more sexually attractive than girls with amazing bodies.

Odd, huh?

All my love 😉

The Hosepipe

{12/09/2009}   ;)

Winking is easily one of the most provocative and seedy actions a guy can accomplish.

For that fact, The Hosepipe and myself are announcing that the wink, and the virtual equivalent, ;), are the official symbols of the seedsters.

This is Dr. Superficial, telling you to keep winking.


{12/04/2009}   FLAVOURS

It has come to my attention that some people dispute the decisions of Dr. Superficial and myself concerning the free dress day awards. Now I haven’t written this post argue with the afore mentioned people.

I wrote this post to explain something that every half decent Seedster should already know.

Every man has his own flavour.

This defines the type of woman that he prefers.

For example I myself prefer the slightly more curvacious woman with big boobies and a nice beee hind. This is also goes nicely iced with a pair of fine legs.

But I’m sure that you take my point: Every man to his own (flavour).

And we, Dr. Superficial and myself, are sure as hell not here to try to impress our flavours onto you.

Seeya later chum.


The Hosepipe.

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{11/23/2009}   Christmas In Seedyland

S: Are you ready?

H: I was BORN ready.

S: Let’s public announce this shit.

H: Fuck yeah. Bitches.

S: OK. So. Coming up, this Thursday, is Christmas in Seedyland.

H: He means Free Dress Day.

S: Right. If you didn’t already know, these are our favourite days of the year.

H: Correct. And this Thursday, we will hope to create a tradition, of a… you could say… “Best of”. A highlight reel of sorts. Without the reel.

S: We will be rating the girls on their attempts to dress up (or dress down, as we like to call it), as well as use of their physical attributes to create an aesthetically pleasing effect. No real names will be used, of course. But if you win…

H: Take it as a complement. And leave it at that. If we say “Congratulations” to you at any point, well done.

S: We will be using the blog as a discussion for our decision on several awards, such as “Best Dressed” and “Best Ass”. And such.

H: Don’t forget, Doctor, that it is the last day of school this Thursday.

S: … And?

H: Well…

S: …?

H: The tits will be out.

S: Well said. Cya then chumps. We out.


What’s up bitches?

Women place too much importance in hairstyles. The fact is that a girl with her straightened and her hair loose is simply much more attractive with than a girl with her pulling back her skin and distorting her features.

Why is this? I haven’t got a fucking clue.

This is just another reason why some school policies simply don’t make sense. Why force amazingly beautiful girls to tie back their hair?

But anyway thanks to all the babes letting their “hair hang down” you just make my day :).


The Hosepipe

et cetera